Bulldog Gasket Kits -> Caterpillar -> Transmission -> Crawler Loaders

Weight: 0.2 lbs

Comment: Replenishment Valve

Engine S N First: 1

Engine S N Last: UP

Machine S N first: 1

Machine S N last: UP


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Arrangement Machine S/N Base Engine S/N Base
9J3458 19Z 1DA
9J3458 04Z 1DA
9J3458 03Y 1DA
9J5378 20Z 4NA
9J5378 77Y 4NA
9J5378 76Y 4NA
9J5378 05Z 4NA
3G1197 29S 7YA
3G1197 48Z 7YA
3G1197 06Z 4TA
3G1197 18Z 4TA
3G1197 21Z 4TA
3G1197 11Z 4TA
9J3458 31Y 1DA