The Bulldog® Brand


From our southern California start in 1956, through two decades in Reno, Nevada, and now from a new facility in Tampa, Florida, Bulldog® has earned a reputation for excellence. Bulldog® has always focused on high quality products, industry leading technical support, and friendly customer service. With this focus, Bulldog® Brand products are engineered with special attention to the proper selection of materials, the development of exacting manufacturing standards, and the delivery of consistent product quality.


Bulldog® has in-depth knowledge of the sealing systems employed in many types of mobile equipment. This experience supports Bulldog®'s catalog products as well as unique customer applications by providing customers with solutions to their most demanding sealing applications. Bulldog®'s dedicated customer service team pulls it all together and schedules production operations to support partners with the products they need, when they need them.


While many things have changed, Bulldog® remains committed to the same long- standing goals - providing high quality products with unmatched customer service. Bulldog® Brand products are now sold in over 75 countries around the world. After almost 60 years of operations, a focus on providing high-quality products has led many businesses around the world to Demand the Bulldog® Brand.